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Founded in 2009 by Denay Saunders, a then veterinarian assistant whose intention was short-term alternative to euthanasia abandoned and surrendered animals. Situated on the old Uitsig farm bordering on the edge of Fisantekraal, the idea of boarding kennels has grown into the Animal Rescue Centre that it is today, as it was recognised that a safe haven was needed for these 'throw away' pets




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It is official, Uitsig’s Charity shop is up and running.

The shop is located at 30 Station Road, Bellmont Park, Kraaifontein. This shop is headed up by Lesley van der Watt  one of our very dedicated Staff members and also a member of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.

This shop sells anything from Bric-a-Brac to leads for your dogs.

We are asking if you have any bric – a – brac (pots, pans, old linen, clothes, tools anything you do not want anymore)  that you can donate to this shop to please contact Lesley on 083 270 2489.

All proceeds of this shop is pushed back into Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre and help us to rescue more animals, helps to feed more animals and helps us to pay much needed vet bills.

Looking forward to hear from YOU!! 

Kindest regards,

The Uitsig Team.



With Santa promising to visit all who were nice during 2012.... and the nice animal loving people who support those who are involved in the day to day care of the animals in shelters .... let us spare a special thought for the animals at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre where the vision is:


“changing lives one by one”

The approximately 340 dogs would really appreciate a donation of a metal food bowl (small, medium and large) together with a nice sachet of delicious wet food for Christmas.  Why a metal bowl?   The dogs say it best.  “It is so much more hygienic, will last so much longer than the plastic dishes, which get scuffed and scratched over time.  Also, if we should get a bit bored or playful before the bowls are removed after feeding time, we sometimes like to get creative and chew them in the hope of changing the design. 

Toys are nice, but we have learned to amuse ourselves with what nature provides.  Being in a pack environment we would also not like any temptation for skirmishes over possession. 

What we also really need is something for the nasty ticks that can make us really ill and the pesky fleas that drive us mad and make us scratch.

Some nice sturdy choke chains would also be great.   These are in great demand on Saturday mornings when we get taken for our walk by our committed volunteers.” 

There are also approximately 100 cats and they would also love some sachets of special food.  They are not as possessive and do not mind having to share a number of larger bowls for their food.  As they do not get taken for walks and love to play, some toys would also be great.

There are also some horses, a donkey, some pigs and a new baby goat.  They would love some nice carrots and apples. 

Thank you from the happy and lucky animals at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.

Wellington:  27 Malanstr

A Christmas Wish list for our animals

 Sachets of yummy food for both cats and dogs

 Metal Bowls - medium or large

 Strong choke chains

 Tick and Flea Medication

 Toys for the cats

Our horses, donkey, pigs and baby goat would also love some carrots and apples

 With your ongoing commitment and support we can continue “changing lives one by one”

 Thank you from the happy and lucky animals at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.

 076 224 2207

 Office 083 357 9148 

Heidi 083 375 3606 
Lesley 083 270 8489